Privacy policy

Created on 30 September 2019 

Accomate Company Limited (“Ztrus”) is giving a commitment on managing and respecting your privacy by giving priority to privacy protection. We, therefore, created this privacy policy in order to protect personal information of all users which includes those who visit our website or use our service via,, and In order to grasp an understanding of our practices for managing personal information, please read and understand this privacy policy in details. By contact to our website or apply to use Ztrus’s service, you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by this privacy policy.     

Ztrus is aiming to facilitate entrepreneurs, accountants, accounting firm and/or accounting and financial consultants by providing more alternatives in life, therefore, we are using technology to help design our products so that it will be easier and faster to us, based on accuracy and safety standards. We had provided 3 types of system which are document management system (ZBiz), accounting entry system (ZBook) and expense manage and control system (Ztrus Expense). We adhere to the following principles in order to protect your right of privacy.

Collection of personal information

In order to facilitate the service to all users visiting Ztrus’s website, it is necessary for us to store and collect your personal information in order to use it for purposes of our operation and to comply with laws in the case where the users choose to provide their personal information through application process and while using Ztrus’s services, as follows: 

– Name/Name of Juristic Person 

– Identification Number/Tax ID

– Email Address   

– Home or Work Address

– Telephone Number

– Post Code or ZIP Code 

– Business information 

– Tax information 

– Credit card information 

– Transactions issued in document via systems  

– Attachment to support financially 

– Accounting entry data 

– Any financial report

– Other documents transferred into the systems via upload.

to Ztrus’s website including business transaction or any transaction via Ztrus’s website and contact for assistant from support team and services. We will protect the information in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act.  

When you apply for any of Ztrus’s services, it shall be deemed that you give a consent to us to use and collect your information for the purpose of providing services as specified in the terms of service and as specified exclusively in this privacy policy. Ztrus will use your information for following purposes.  

  • To identify user to access and use various services
  • For purpose and to increase efficiency in providing services
  • To advertise services or changes in services 
  • To design products or services
  • For any promotion or training regarding services 
  • To support and solve technical problems or problems that may arise from the service
  • To deliver better user experiences in accordance with the needs of users
  • To comply with laws
  • To communicate with users

You have the lawful right not to give consent in providing your personal information to Ztrus, however, doing so means that you will not be able to use any of Ztrus’s services. 

Your information will be collected and stored during period of time which Ztrus is providing services and you remain using our website. Moreover, Ztrus is using a service to install system and database on standardized cloud service from the world’s leading database system provider along with Ztrus’s services in collecting personal information and other information of its users. Therefore, applying to use Ztrus’s services shall mean you acknowledge that your information will be stored in database of cloud server located in foreign country. 

In addition, when you send email to Ztrus, we will collect contents of email, email address and response of the email in order to answer your question or for the need in follow up on result and to inspect the interaction between user and Ztrus’s staffs in the case you may have any question on whether your question has been solved well or not.   

Your information will not be used, collected or stored for purposes which are not mentioned above. However, in the case where Ztrus would like to collect information without purpose as mentioned above, Ztrus will collect your personal information by directly requesting information from you. 

Use of personal data

  1. Ztrus will only use your personal information as necessary for purposes of contact, advertise or to provide information, news including survey your opinion on business or activity of Ztrus, however, it does not include any of the following information. 
    • Information which is or will be public information in addition to violation of this principles. 
    • Information obtained from the third party who legally obtained the information and who are not under obligation restricted disclosure of the information.   
    • Information in possession of receiving party without limitation related to disclosure before the date of receiving such information from disclosed party. 
    • Information which developed independently without access to confidential information.  
  1. Ztrus warrants that it will not use your personal information which Ztrus had collected to sell or publish to any third party in any case unless with your permission.    
  2. In case that Ztrus hired other agency for any implementation regarding your personal information, such as postal delivery, statistical analysis in business or activity of Ztrus, Ztrus will require the hired agency to implement their tasks by keeping confidentiality and security of your personal information and will provide the prohibition policy not to use of such personal information for purpose any than business or activity of Ztrus.  

Right to control your personal information

In order to maintain your privacy, you have the right to choose to use or to share your personal information or may choose not to receive any information or marketing material from Ztrus. Such options must be declared by filling out the request on the website to Ztrus. 

Responsibility on control user ID

In order to use Ztrus’s services, Ztrus shall keep your personal information in order to use for purposes of services. You are responsible to keep your user ID confidential and must notify Ztrus immediately in case you find out or know the case where your user ID has been used without your permission.

Collection of third party’s personal information

In case you provided information of third party to Ztrus, it shall be deemed that you have right to do so or or you have obtained explicit permission from the owner of the information and you allowed Ztrus to collect, use, duplicate such information within the limit specified in this privacy policy. You are responsible to inform such third party of such action including of this privacy policy. Ztrus does not have any liability to third party and does not have any responsibility to notify third party of such event. 

Collection and use of non-personal information

By applying to use services of Ztrus, you permitted Ztrus to access or use your non-personal information in following purposes. 

  • To help us to understand how you use our services
  • To provide additional information to user regarding usage and benefits which users will receive upon using the services
  • To facilitate, support and increase efficiency and effectiveness of small and medium-sized business, accountants and accounting firms.    

Use of Cookies

“Cookies” are information which Ztrus sends to web browser of the users and after installation of such information in your system, in case “cookies” is used, it will enable Ztrus’s website to save or remember user information until user exit web browser or until user deleted “cookies” or prohibit “cookies” to operate. 

If you choose to use “cookies”, you will enjoy more comfort and convenient in browsing through website because “cookies” facilitate in remembering websites you had visited. 

In this regards, Ztrus will use information saved or collected by “cookies” for statistical analysis or in other activities of Ztrus in order to improve quality of Ztrus’s services.  

Maintain security of personal information

In order to keep confidentiality and security of your personal information, Ztrus therefore had implemented internal regulations to specify the right to access or use your personal information and to keep confidentiality, prevent the loss and security of some information which are extremely important to you such as credit card numbers. Ztrus therefore provided secure means of communication for such information by encrypting the information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.  

Adjustment on privacy policy

Ztrus has the right to make adjustment or change regarding privacy policy without prior notice to you for purposes of appropriate and efficacy in providing services. Therefore, Ztrus recommends the user to read privacy policy every time user visit or use services from Ztrus’s website.

This privacy policy is under service terms of use. 

Limitation of liability or exclusion of liability of Ztrus shall be as specified in service terms of use.

Compliance with privacy policy and how to contact Ztrus

In case you have any question, suggestion or comment regarding privacy policy or compliance with this privacy policy, Ztrus will be happy to answer any question and listen to suggestion and feedback which will be useful in improving Ztrus’s services and you can contact Ztrus through various channels as shown on the website.