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Software as a service

If you still need to read and type a lot of documents for account summary each month, ZTRUS OCR system can help you. This system instantly converts receipt files and text selections into digital formats.

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    We have a team with OCR expertise that directly understands problems and provides advice for your organization.

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Managing and organizing the workflow processes of accounts receivable and accounts payable (AR/AP Automation)

The ZTRUS technology is designed to address challenges in document verification and import, enabling automated processes that can be applied across various workflows. It specializes in accounting-related tasks and brings expertise particularly to accounting processes.

Hospital Claim

  • Extracting data from supporting documents for insurance applications, such as national ID cards, civil servant cards, and passports.
  • Assisting in extracting data from medical expense claims, doctor's certificates, and cross-referencing the information with the system to verify health insurance coverage, resulting in significantly expedited approval processes.

ECM/DMS (Electronic Content Management / Document Management System)

     Extracting data from image/PDF files to connect and store information in digital format.

  • The data is stored in a system that is easy for information retrieval.
  • The data can be compiled into Open Data, allowing users to access and manage information from the system more conveniently.

Form Extraction

We can create a data form structure that supports position promotions.

  • Documents with tabular formats.
  • Documents with compressed sizes.
  • Sloped/formatted form documents.
  • Self-created/custom-made documents.
  • Documents with checkboxes and lines, including cross-checking data from documents with forms, and documents with attached supporting evidence.

HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Software solution to provide document process automation services to automate record updating and provide changes logging and reporting. We create the foundation for managing people information and policies to improve overall organizational effectiveness and up-to-date information with friendly management to drive greater efficiency. This solution will provide convenience and ease of use for employees while keeping the accuracy and up-to-date HR information.


  • The capability to extract data from official documents, such as ID cards, passports, and registration books.


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