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If your company needs technology to digitize documents from paper to digital information. We have experts in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) with over 20 years of experience, that make our OCR accuracy of 90% or more in both Thai and English. If you are one of the organizations that still need to rekey or examine a lot of documents. Consult your business with us.


Accounting ERP system embedded with ZTRUS OCR. We have technology to help you read documents up to make journal entry. Just take a photo or scan a document.

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Document management platform to help business create documents for sales, purchases, withholding tax and comply with Thai tax laws. Easily send documents to  accountant in just one click. Monitor your business through dashboard in real time.

Free trial 45 days.
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Software as a service

If you still need to read and type a lot of documents for account summary each month, ZTRUS OCR system can help you. This system instantly converts receipt files and text selections into digital formats.

System Manual : Click here

    We have a team with OCR expertise that directly understands problems and provides advice for your organization.

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