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OCR - Optical Character Recognition

We automate data extraction from paper documents and images without fixed templates or known locations

ZTRUS technology learns the way human mind does in information extraction.
Unlike traditional OCR, our system can learn new type and design of documents and extract key information at high precision performance without predefined location for fixed templates. We use neural network-based system to extract information from semi-structured documents, documents generated by individuals with their own templates but containing common values. ZTRUS can help you obtain a usable database from piles of papers or tons of images for further digital processes with fast, low-cost and consistent solutions.

Our Engine (Ready to use)

If your company needs technology to digitize documents from paper to digital information. We have experts in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) with over 20 years of experience, that make our OCR accuracy of 90% or more in both Thai and English. If you are one of the organizations that still need to rekey or examine a lot of documents. Consult your business with us.

General Engine

    Standard Invoice
    Phone Bill
    Slip Bill
    ID Card
    Book Bank

Customize Engine

     Sarabun Document
     Bank Statement
     Transfer Slip
     Table Extraction
     Purchase Order
     Logistic Document
     Hospital Receipt


Our Service

We provide various services to support your business. If you want to improve your business, we can recommend our solutions to you for free.

Guaranteed by Customer both of public and provate

insurance companies, financial institutions, accounting office, Industrial Factory with OCR, an accuracy of 97% in both Thai and English.

With ICT Awards 2020 (TICTA 2020) guaranteed in the topic "Digitalization for New Normal" ISO/IEC 29110 and Thailand ICT Award 2022 "Research and Development" / "Public Sector Government"

Hilight Performance

High Accuracy up to 98%

Our OCR results is more than 98% with Candidate Selection more than 97%

OCR Language

OCR result reading system (Thai/English)

Confidence Score

Set High and low confidence score

Save Manpower  80%

Save more than 80% in labor costs for printing incoming documents.

Speed up (Faster)

Data scanning speed up to 3-5 seconds/page

Not Fixed Templete

Fixed Template is NOT the EDGE in this business


Core Features


Conceal sensitive personal data
to secure customer data.


Table Extraction is the task of detecting and decomposing table information in a document.


If you use OCR service , the smarter
it gets via AI+ML learning and

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