Let’s our technology changes you and manage your documents

ZTRUS provides automatic data entry service with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI-based cognitive templates designed for various types of documents.
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We automate data extraction from paper documents and images without fixed templates or known locations

ZTRUS technology learns the way human mind does in information extraction.
Unlike traditional OCR, our system can learn new type and design of documents and extract key information at high precision performance without predefined location for fixed templates. We use neural network-based system to extract information from semi-structured documents, documents generated by individuals with their own templates but containing common values. ZTRUS can help you obtain a usable database from piles of papers or tons of images for further digital processes with fast, low-cost and consistent solutions.

Traditional OCR requires fixed templates with known locations of key information for the system to process output and understand the meaning of information. This approach fails to extract information from unseen forms documents containing key expected information. This is not applicable for real business flows as most documents in business flows are generated by individuals and clearly different in appearance.


Our technology can be applied to improve business workflows in various industries. Here are three sample cases we used to work with.

Product Benefits

High Precision

Now our technology can reach more than 93% in Thai and 99% accuracy in English. And we keep on improving.

High Efficiency with great value

We can help entering data 10x faster but less than 50% of cost spent. Our projects are considered 2-year returns.


We can work with various formats of inputs and outputs.


We can help backup your papers and keep that information at your requirements with security policy.

How it works